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Doris is one of the customers I love and applaud!

This lady, got to know about my website when she was surfing the internet, and where ever she got my website from, it didn’t update that I’m now located at Hougang instead of Bukit Batok.

So she made an appointment with me and placed her deposit.

Then, I gave her the address! Poor lady, she didn’t even tell me until she came this morning, that she was living in Choa Chu Kang!!!!

She came all the way for the 9am appointment she made, without a complaint!

❤ thank you Doris, for being an awesome customer, I had a wonderful time doing your nails today.

This set of nails is a simple set she picked(she feels that she can’t wear anything fancy unless there’s an event to attend), I think it works great for her!


If only all customers are as considerate and responsible as her.

She’s one client I’ll never forget, even if this is the only time she will be here due to the distance.

Thank you Doris!