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I love having pretty nails but doing them for myself is kind of a pain sometimes(I get really annoyed because its hard to not make mistakes, smudge and paint my cuticles accidentally).

This set is done with Angelpro Gelly polish, I’m testing them out so that my awesome clients get to wear their gorgeous colors!

I did this set on my birthday itself, but I couldn’t finish the set on time with my newest favorite Sanrio character of all times-Sugarbunnies!

I hope there’s time besides my practice session for my upcoming exams. Veryyyyyyyyyy nervous.

If you have long pretty nail beds(the pink part of your nail) or nails with at least 1cm long at the white part, do drop me an email at feliciousnails@yahoo.com if you’re interested in being my exam model.

Please pardon me and don’t stop checking back if I post less often than I do now, I need all the practice I can for the exams. =(

Till next time!