In honor of my exams I am launching a flash promo. Any appointments made this week and next for acrylic and gel French and clear extensions(tips or not), at $50. You can top up $20 for gelish if you choose clear extensions. Email now first come first served at hougang!




Acrylic Sculptured Extensions (Clear) $80

Acrylic Sculptured Extensions (French) $100

For this promo no gel topcoat will be used, nail will be buffed to shine(similar to requirements for school exam)!

Gel Enhancements

Traditional Gel Sculptured Extensions (Clear) $80

Traditional Gel Sculptured Extensions (French) $100

Timeslots available for this very special promotion would be(3 hours per slot):

Sunday 27th May 9am-12pm, 12-3pm


Monday 28th May 1pm to 11pm

Tuesday 29th May 1pm to 11pm

Wednesday 30th May 2pm to 7pm

Thursday 31st May 4 to 11pm

Friday 1st June 1pm to 7pm

HURRY EMAIL feliciousnails@yahoo.com to book your appointments! PRICING RESUMES AFTER MY EXAM!

Flash Promotion has ended.