I’ve posted this on Facebook but not here, and I figure some of you might like to know, so here it is!

There’s a really short period before my examinations and I need as much practice as possible. BUT, I AM a trained professional, so I’d still need income while I’m practicing right?

So, here it is, Felicious Nails is making an exception. JUST FOR THIS PERIOD, I will be providing classic manicure at $10!

There will be a limited range of nail polish to choose from, you can bring your own if you like.

How this works is, I’ll be performing a classic manicure for you, and the first set of polishing will be red on one hand and french nails on their other.

When I’m done, I will remove the polish and apply the color of your choice for you.

*Quality products will be used: Poshe base and topcoat, OPI nail polish, you’d even get a hand massage and cuticle oil application!!!

This way you get a full classic manicure and I get more practice! =D

For available dates and timings, please refer to “Flash Promotion 1” below this post and email me at feliciousnails@yahoo.com to make an appointment.

Thank you!!!!