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I’ve always wanted to try doing galaxy nail art, but as a procrastinator, I never got down to doing it. I just secretly wished that my customer would, and guess what? SHE DID! *YAYSSSSS*

Germain was one of my first customers when I started out doing nails, and I’m so glad she came, my goodness, all the way from Woodlands. I love my awesome customers. Despite the distance, they traveled.

I just want to thank all you awesome ladies for your support, from day 1 till now. I truly appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for giving me a chance.

Without you ladies, I wouldn’t have known that I loved doing nails for others, so much! It was your appreciation and encouragement that helped me realize that I really do love this job!

Okay getting back to the topic, yes I haven’t tried doing any sort of galaxy nails till today, and I LOVED IT!!!!

I don’t care if others say that this trend is so past season. Who cares if it still looks good right?

Enough of my long-winded blabbering, pictures here:



How do you like them?

I feel like I’m right there, at outer space!