In case you haven’t heard, our Gel polish family has expanded!!!

More than 130 gel polishes are now available for your selection when you visit Felicious Nails!

What’s the new addition you ask?

It’s the gorgeous AngelPro Gelly polishes, all 47 of them!!!!

They’re fabulous why? They have all the baby pastels, bright happy colors and also the rare autumn shades!




The colors are so much prettier in person. You’ll see at your next visit.

Besides the colors, AngelPro Gelly is also special in its own way. How so you say?

AngelPro Gelly doesn’t require you to remove the shine off your nails, so you ladies don’t have to worry about thinning your nails!

It also doesn’t require a PH balancing agent prior to application(that says alot about its bonding powder!).

Besides that, AngelPro Gelly is 100% gel so it doesn’t dry your nails like other products with solvents.

No more nail yellowing. And the best part? No more removing the shine off your top coat because AngelPro Gelly isn’t acetone resistant!!!! This means that removal time will be reduced!

So who’s up for this fabulous new addition to our family??? I’m crazy excited, are you?