Hello Ladies!!!

I’ve finally managed to endure 4 weeks/28 days of the same set of gel polish on my nails(my birthday nails), and I’m back to give you my review!

This is my nails on day 29th:


You can compare it to day 1:

The colors used in this set are AngelPro no. 3, 9,11, 12, 13.

Here’s my personal review:


AngelPro Gelly has many gorgeous shades of pastels and solid colors but no shimmers or glitters. That’s ok for now as we have Gelish colors. The colors are pigmented and there’s high coverage, sometimes even with 1 layer.

The excellent pigments did not fade even after a month!


I would say AngelPro Gelly is fairly easy to apply, not too watery nor too gunky. The pigments stay fairly well in the gel, so there’s little shaking required.

The best part about AngelPro Gelly is that there is no buffing of the nails is  required prior to gel application, and no PH balancing liquid is needed, unlike all other brands. This means less thinning of the nails. Also, the Shining topcoat that AngelPro Gelly has is non-acetone resistance, so there’s no buffing of the topcoat needed before removal, which saves us some time!


AngelPro Gelly claims to be 100% gel as well, like Akzentz’s Luxio, which I love, because 100% gel means that there isn’t solvents present, hence it is less drying on the nails. If you ask me why Akzentz Luxio is more expensive, I’d say Luxio is made in Canada, and Akzentz is one of the leading gel manufacturers, while AngelPro is a Korean manufactured product, and fairly new in the market, I hope that answers your question.

I’ve worn Angelpro Gelly for 28+ days and it has held up very well. In this one month I’ve practiced for my exams, extensions exam especially, and despite being accidentally “filed” by my own hand while working on a client’s, none of them chipped off. I am very pleased!

As I always say, if the polish lasts on me, it can basically last on anyone else! I work my hands alot, I hand wash clothing daily, bathe my dog, and beautify clients’ nails, so you can definitely take my word for it if I’ve tried it and it lasted!


The removal is my least favorite for AngelPro Gelly, as it doesn’t come off as easy as Akzentz Luxio does, there’s still quite a fair bit of scraping before they come off.

Other than that, AngelPro Gelly polish is perfect for Spring, those who love loud colors, or any of you who loves pastels as much as I do!

AngelPro Gelly Polish is now available in 47 colors here at Felicious Nails!