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Usually I can’t stand wearing the same art for so long, and of course, the growth of the natural nails from underneath my gel polish. But for the same of the experiment, i wore my previous set for 29 days! Boy was I glad to have them removed!

Initially I wanted to do do a set with my new doggy stickers, but I do dread doing my own nails, and I knew I couldn’t do anything simple with those stickers, so I chose to do a simple set knstead(which in the end still took alot of time and effort (-_-“)).

Here it is!

Design taken from Girl’s pic one of the contributors.



I switched the metal bow from the middle finger to my ring finger as I knew that that’ll help prolong the wear of my dangling charm.

One mistake I made though, my half-moon was way too high up, the original design was much nicer:


I can’t seem to be too happy about my manicures/pedicures this month. Bahhh!