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I came across this pretty set on Nail Max/Nail Up magazine this month, and I knew I definitely wanted to try it, as its so pretty!

I didn’t take a picture of the actual set in a magazine, but I did a quick mockup:


Overwhelmed with the beauty of the design, I stupidly ignored the fact that I have dark skin and went ahead with my pedicure.

Then I realized, much as I love baby pink, it doesn’t suit me.

After a painstaking 1.5hours, this was how my toes looked:



I wasn’t a single bit pleased at the outcome. =(

Tomorrow will be the day I change my manicure, so if there’s time, I’d defintely change my pedicure as well.

It’s hard to ignore how badly this color suits me but I’ll bear with it for now.

Even thought the color was disastrous for me, I’m sure this set will be a hit with brides! The design is so soft and feminine, right?