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Evelyn came back for her second set of nails today and had many designs in mind, we were chatting and finally, we chose to go with Ying’s gorgeous marbling set (I was sooooooooooo excited)! (Sorry Ying! I tried to find the link/page that has that design on your blog/facebook but I failed.)

Evelyn wanted something classy, something of warm colors, so we changed the color scheme from a turquoise/blue to Akzentz’s Cremelle(a sandy earth tone that was used in Jasz’s Pandora nails).

I did subtle marbling with Akzentz’s Pure, and lined the designs with Nfu.Oh Rainbow Series No. 1, a gorgeous brown with gold shimmers in it!

Look how it turned out!!! Both of us were extremely pleased!







Look how pretty her dainty fingers are!!!

I thought Akzentz Luxio is really perfect for her at this time as one of her nails broke at a corner(can you spot which nail?)

Both Evelyn and I agreed that Akzentz’s range of colors is the hot favorite for the working class ladies!

The colors are elegant and classy, perfect for everyday wear!

My clients and I really have very similar taste in designs!

I want this on my own nailsssssss!!!!

Once again I want to thank Evelyn for being on time, being so patient, so decisive and for the enjoyable session!

Clients like you, Winnie and Jasz really really make me love my job so much!