If you’ve seen Lady Gaga’s metallic nails, you’d probably have heard of MINX.

But no, Felicious Nails isn’t carrying MINX, instead, we have nail foils!!!

These are thinner and much easier to apply.

They are my new addition to my nail art stash and will be used to enhance any manicure!


For those who don’t want gel manicures, you can come and get your nails “foiled” at $20.

Foil manicure is inclusive of nail shaping, buffing, cuticle work, nail preparation, application of foil and cuticle oil. We do not carry regular nail polish, so you can apply a layer of top coat over them when you get home to extend the wear.

Alternatively, you can opt for a soak-off gel manicure whereby I will sandwich the foil inbetween a soak-off gel overlay. This gives your nails strength, and makes them last longer.

It kinda looks like this when foiled: