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Mary wanted Cynthia’s set of Marie nails!

But we didn’t want everything to be the same.

So we had a discussion and decided on changing the set to become a younger, sweeter set of Marie nails!

Mary also requested for her middle fingers to be different from the others: red and with a gold dangling charm like mine!




I love how sweet this set looks! Don’t you?

Thank you Mary, for being on time, for being so patient and fun to chat with!

It’s clients like you that make our days easier!

Love this set?

The beautiful colors used here are all from AngelPro Gelly range. Gelish, Artistic Color Gloss and Akzentz have yet to release such sweet colors!Want to know what’s used here?

Its AngelPro Gelly in No. 47, 40, 29, 25 and 39.