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Ladies who’ve followed my blog faithfully know that I did a Valentine’s day Pink Panther set of nails with water decals, but sadly, they didn’t last long(Gelish top coat wore out fast!).

So here I am trying again, my second set of nails with water decal, this time, the set that I’ve wanted for so long: with denim prints!



I’ve been procrastinating forever and never got the courage to get to this, but i really wanted it this time, so i tried! And I loved it!!!

This time I’m trying on Akzentz Luxio Gloss and base(because I love the removal so so much), but with Gelish Candyland’s blue(because AngelPro Gelly and Akzentz doesn’t have this).

Now all I’ll have to do is cross my fingers that they don’t get worn out!

Do you like it?