Hello ladies!!! If you haven’t heard, there’s a Flyer design contest on my facebook page~

I’ve been trying for the longest time but my own design for flyers just isn’t going anywhere, hence I’m holding this flyer design competition~

FOUND!!! Angel Jenrine designed this for me! Branding/Web revamp ideas still open for designs!

So pretty right?


I’ve thought about the terms:

1.You can use any picture on my website for the flyer(bear in mind they’re targeted towards the area near my workplace).

2. I will be printing them at a normal print shop(not those professional flyer printers as I won’t be printing in extreme amounts e.g 2000/5000 pcs

3. They have to be A5 size and attractive

4. Focal point of the brochure : gel manicures, art.

5. You have one week to come up with this brochure, if you decide to participate! Contest ends the end of this week.

6. Prize for brochure selected for use would be $300 credit value for gel manicures only with or without art(available for all of my products except for akzentz and orly range). Credit value valid for 6months. $5 and $2 discount non-applicable.

Please let me know if you’re good with branding! If you’re able to create a logo to go with that’s usable for my website and namecard(and the flyer), your prize would be $1000 credit value valid for 12 months. $5 and $2 discount non-applicable.

Credit value is transferable so that you can decide to gift them.

Unfortunately there will only be 1 winner for the $300/$1000 credit value BUT, those who participate, in this case 6 of you, will get a small nail-related prize randomly allocated to you(I will decide self-collection at hougang or postage later) as a token of appreciation.

7. Flyer must not look cheap/advocate low end services) e.g pasar malam rates etc, target market is clients who will return monthly/value their gel manicures.

8. Contest is open to anyone living in Singapore as the prize is credit value for services rendered at Felicious Nails.

9. Felicious Nails reserves the rights to change the terms of the contest without prior notification.

10. Sorry i forgot to add: the $1000 prize is going to the person who can brand Feliciousnails: come up with a logo for website/cover picture on facebook/namecard and of course a template for my contests/events/menu. Prize may be increased or decreased depending on what “designer” can do. =D No deadline for this $1000 prize but asap would be good!

All entries to be emailed to feliciousnails@yahoo.com and finalized designs will be uploaded to my facebook page and website for all to see. Final decision with regards to which design to use will be decided by me. Winner of the contest(flyer design selected for use) will be required to sign an agreement that states the design relieves me of any other charges other than the prize allocated to you.

Thank you!