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Gelish’s Candyland range’s Sugar Daddy is my favorite blue of all times!

If you paid attention to the nails I’ve been sporting, you’d know that I usually wear very girly nails! That’s till I found my new love, Gelish’s Sugar Daddy!

I did my denim zipper nails with Sugar Daddy and now, my new Nautical pedicure to match my denim zippers! (I kinda feel more rocker-ish/bold now!)

Initially I wasn’t sure if I’d like blue on my toes, especially when I have dark skin, I wanted to sponge white over Sugar Daddy to make them look slightly lighter, like my denim nails, but decided against it!

I poured through all my magazines to finally find this set of toe design I wanted and modified it!

The original design was from Nail Max magazine 2011(yes i do keep them!), and was in a pretty beige color, with brown lines, gold glitter lines, silver square studs and gold chain stickers!

I simplified it to silver glitter lines, silver chain stickers and white lines to match my denim nails!

Here they are! With and without flash(can’t remember which is which):

Taken with Flash:

Actual color(without flash):

I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set as much as my denim manicure!

And I love you so so much Gelish Sugar Daddy!