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Winnie has always been one of my favorite clients of all times!

She arrives on time, is always polite, always book her appointments beforehand and is quick to decide on her nail art designs!

She has gorgeous long nail beds too!

Every session has been an enjoyable and hilarious one for me, I love chit-chatting with her, she is SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE and funny!

This time she came for a little Lolita checks! She told me she wanted checks, lace and ribbons!

We decided on a purple base, Artistic Color Gloss Fly, instead of red and black of the initial picture she sent me for inspiration as she felt that the red and black combination is too “chrismassy!”

Here’s the awesome set which I love so much!!!

(This set took a long time because I was struggling to draw accurate lines for the checks with my striping brushes-they got me nowhere. I was so so glad that I reverted to my original tiny brush which allowed me to work at least 50% more of the initial speed when I was using the hateful striping brushes-they just couldn’t get my lines straight! Weird!)





Thank you Winnie, for all the awesome sessions and for being so patient with me!

Can’t wait till our next session in three week’s time! ❤