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Ever since I returned from Perth my body’s been rejecting the horrid air here.

I keep having recurring sinus infection and I can’t get back to 100%, sigh.

Therefore I held off removing what’s left of my poor extensions till now.

Partially also because I hated having short nails but I don’t wanna re-extend my growing nails, so now I’m left with short teeny nails after what’s left of my pretty extensions for Perth(I’m so happy because for the first time, I had ONS acrylic extensions on for 3 whole weeks! *previously they used to fall off entirely after a week, no matter what guru did my nails.):


I also recently got hold of gorgeous, ultra-thin RDcorp stickers, which is perfect for such a time where I don’t have much patience for nail art for myself.

I picked these really cute kittens as they come with these pretty floral garden background.



Aren’t they cute?