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I am so in love with stickers, they save me so much time when it comes to getting my own nails done!

This time, I used Sha Nail Pro’s stickers again!

Didn’t want to remove my previous set if safari nails because I loved how wild and mysterious it looked, but I’ve gotta get a head start on the winter/Christmas nails so here they are!

I hated having to chop my nails down because a couple of them broke real deep when I was getting some housework done, but oh well, they’re cute and stubby now.

Designs on the thumbs credited to Sha Nail Guru Louis, and I especially love the bunny couple on my right hand, uber cute!




Please pardon the untidiness! I hate painting my own short stubby nails, they get everywhere!

I love this design though!

Have you booked your winter/Christmas nails yet?