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Hello! I’m back!!

So sorry I lapsed my blog posts again, was busy with my exams, AGAIN, I know!! But it’s the last one(I hope!).

I didn’t have much time for myself since the Christmas season started, the exams as well. But I had to attend a wedding last week, just right before my Pink Room Diploma exam, so I did this simple yet lovely set I love so much(I’m gonna do this on my toes too, simply because I love it so much, I LOVE GLITTER!).

Here they are! In Gelish June Bride and Waterfield, two GORGEOUS glitters!

They cheer me up a little when I’m feeling down, try it!


The Dear Laura stickers were a pain to work with(think they were an old batch from the supplier, so they wouldn’t stick well, I had to use quite abit of the trusty foundation gel from Gelish to level out the bumps the stickers made because their edges refused to stay put! 😦 ).

Nevertheless, don’t they look pretty??