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Hello ladies!!! I’ve finally gotten down to doing up the AngelPro Gelly nail art tutorial!

My apologies if you ladies were waiting, I have been busy busy busy!

Without further ado, here’s how you use AngelPro Gelly in the gorgeous Guitar Hero nails!

Step 1:
Shape nails with a nail file, push back cuticles, trim them if required, and buff with AngelPro Buffer.

Photo 17-12-12 12 39 36 PM


Photo 17-12-12 12 40 21 PM

Step 2:
Cleanse nails with acetone and apply AngelPro Gelly base. Cure for 10 seconds under a LED lamp or 2 minutes under a UV lamp.


Step 3:
Apply one layer of AngelPro Gelly in #47(this makes the neons colors “pop” later) to all 10 nails and cure 30 seconds under the LED lamp or 2 minutes under the UV lamp.

Step 4:
Apply Pre-selected bright neon colors from the AngelPro Gelly range as desired(I used 5 colors here), on top of the white(#47) one on each nail. Cure.

Photo 17-12-12 1 04 26 PM


Step 5:
Draw the outline of the frame of the black keys with Angelpro Gelly #29(I did this differently from Nailsaurus, she painted the black base first then the neon frames, but I did the neon colored base then the black part in the middle). Then fill it in. Cure.

Photo 17-12-12 1 14 41 PM

Step 6:
Apply a second layer of black and cure.

Step 7:
Apply AngelPro Gelly Shine to all ten nails and cure for 30 seconds in the LED lamp/2minutes in a UV lamp.


Viola! The last step is to wipe the nails with AngelPro Gelly Cleanse, and your nails are all done!


Simple right?

20121230-234016.jpg    Photo 17-12-12 2 02 37 PM