Akzentz Luxio 100% Gel Polish

Warning: Picture Heavy Post!

Introducing Akzentz Luxio…

The 100% gel polish!!!! No solvents=healthy nails! No more drying of the nail bed!










I currently have 24 colors. That’s all that’s available in Singapore now, looking forward to the Spring colors that are launching in March.

Pardon me for the many pictures. I own an IPhone 4, not the 4S, and I don’t have a digital camera, so bear with me for the pictures-I just want you to have a clearer view of the swatches. The fabulous nudes, gorgeous pinks, reds, purple and one shimmer blue. I was awed repeatedly while swatching!

Great news for those with weak, dry nails, Luxio is100% gel, the perfect match for nails that need recovering from dryness/weakness!

I’m currently wearing Vixen, a deep vampiry purple! And i’m loving the shine! Luxio has much higher shine than Gelish I would say!

I’m testing the polish but I am sure it will perform very well as Akzentz is known for high quality gel products! (My manicurist in a quality salon I used to visit before I was a nail technician myself, used the full range of Akzentz color and traditional gel, I had very lasting extensions then because of Akzentz.)

Why would you need Luxio?
Gelish and other gel polishes contain solvents which may dry nail up with frequent continued wear. This is where Luxio comes in, you can wear Luxio once every few months in place of Gelish to prevent nails from drying out!

Want to give the luxurious Akzentz Luxio a try? It’s $60 a set, promotional price at $50. *Promotion ended 30th april 2012

Notice on Price: Cost of Luxio is much higher than Gelish. The top and base coat is about 2X the price of Gelish’s, color coat costs more too. Unfortunately I am unable to use this with Gelish base and top coat as it defeats the aim of using a 100% gel polish-the full system is stronger, hence the ability to protect.)
Besides the cost, the application requires more effort and an increased level of skill as it isn’t the same viscosity as Gelish.

*Enquiry of discounts will not be entertained. Nail p***** chain charges Gelish at $121, removal at $25. Please feel free to visit them if you feel more comfortable with the setting and price.

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