Personal Review of Akzentz Luxio…

Taken from my previous post:

I am back with a review for you!!!!

Warning: Detailed, possibly long-winded post!

Scroll to the bottom for overall comparison.

It’s actually day 20 for my Pink Overload:Five Petal Flowers set of nails, and whilst trying to pick out my new manicure I remembered that I’ve gotta write a review about this awesome gel polish, so here I am!

Overall I am deeply impressed and very satisfied with how Akzentz Luxio performed on my poor nails(trust me, they do go through hell, alot of hand-washing clothes which means soaking in detergents, they go through lots of acetone and gel cleansers with me when I am working, also when I’m cooking and bathing my dog).

Without further ado, here’s the review:






The first collage I made on my iPhone enables a side-by-side comparison of the first day and the current condition of my nails. The pictures with the Felicious Nails label shows day 1 and the unlabeled shows the current condition.

I’ve added the pictures in its original size so you can compare better and see the actual growth of my nails.

What I want to draw your attention to, is the colors you see!

I tested this set of 3 pinks from Akzentz Luxio so that my friends could get feedback on how they performed. As mentioned in my previous entry, our favorite and most popular Gelish Breast Awareness Set has color fading and changing issues-Make a difference, the darkest pink fades and the other color(I can’t remember which now) tends to change to a peachy color.

This post with the pictures witnessed that Akzentz Luxio doesn’t have color fading or changing issues(I’ve yet to test all 24 of them, but those on my display charts are still the same color).

Not only does the colors stay the same, the topcoat Gloss, does not turn yellowish as well!

Before acquiring Luxio, I went around searching for reviews but never got much. I guess few are familiar with this awesome Canadian brand which excels at their quality gel products. I even read a twitter post by some fashion writer in Singapore(a guy), stating it couldn’t last past a week for him(or was it 9 days?).

Well, you see the results, you be the judge. Clients saw my nails “as-is” when they visit for their appointments. No lifting, no dulling, impeccable shine even when I’ve accidentally filed it when I’m working on clients.

And you see my nails growing! No chipping. Let’s not forget the times when I substituted Akzentz Base for Gelish foundation gel in my Gelish Manicure , which resulted in an almost effortless removal! After soaking, twist and remove, that’s it, there wasn’t much to remove with an orange stick! I’ve also read claims that removal takes longer than Gelish, but I think otherwise. Of course, this depends on how thick you’ve applied!

In short, I’m extremely please and in love with Luxio. The only flaw I can think of? The limited range of colors. Akzentz Luxio makers, if you happen to read this, please make gorgeous pastels and shimmers! I’m sure they’ll be a great hit!

Lastly, I want to say that the nail stickers have done fairly well under Luxio Gloss-none of them came off or threatened to! Only a few of them raised a little, probably due to holes I made while working those nails. Another plus as Gelish’s Top-it-off seems to be a little weak at capping stickers or embellishments?

I shall test the water decals under Akzentz Gloss next time round!

My apologies for the long post, but here’s the overall comparison:


Luxio takes the lead, it is stronger, slightly thicker, does not dry nails out as there’s no solvents in Luxio. No smell, no thickening!


Gelish has the upper-hand for the range it provides with its neons, shimmers, magnetic gel polish and the upcoming pastels.

However, Akzentz pigments are denser and the colors don’t fade/change.

Ease of application:

Gelish is easier to apply as its viscosity is thinner.


Gelish is friendlier on the pocket but Luxio is worth every cent of the investment!

Overall verdict:

There’s definitely no denying that Gelish is in the lead due to their strong marketing, ease-of-application, variety of colors.

However, I think Luxio is a great investment for salons and clients as it is the perfect choice for times when your nails are thinner, weaker and dried out from solvents.

I would recommend two sets of Luxio after every 3-4 sets of Gelish, but that number would definitely increase when Luxio comes out with more attractive colors.

I hope my review helped nail technicians around the world make a choice when they’re considering Luxio (sadly I had to take the plunge and try it out myself, as there wasn’t much of any review clear enough to recommend Luxio), and also clients looking for something to wear continuously without harm to the natural nails.

Till next time when I review about the water decals with Akzentz Luxio Gloss! ❤

Thanks for reading!

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