What are the different types of products?

1. Classic Polish

Classic polish is what everyone has tried, you know the brands, OPI, TINS, ORLY, CHINA GLAZE, SALLY HANSEN, CND etc. and is removed by regular polish remover.

2. Gel Polish

This is the latest craze of hybrid polish. It is a kind of gel, made to be with a liquidated consistency, so that it can be applied like polish.

In case you haven’t heard, the hottest brand for this now, the market leader, is Gelish by Hand and Nail Harmony. But let’s not forget CND Shellac, IBD Gelacque,and many others. One of which is my school’s 1Q32 and my favorite AngelPro Gelly!

Gel polish has been a crowd favorite due to its properties similar to traditional gels-it does not create any down-time for you. Remember when you had classic polish applied on your nails and you had to wait ages for it to dry so that it wouldn’t smudge? Gel goes under a UV/LED lamp and cures(sets), hence, it does not smudge like polish.

3. Classic/Traditional Gel and Soak off gel

There are two kinds of gel that has been on the market for quite a while. Unlike the classic nail polish and gel polish, the hard gel and soft gel(soak off gel) provides additional strength for the nails.

The soft gel/gel polishes, being one of the hybrid gels, has the same property as the traditional- it stays shiny and is resistant to most scratches.

First lets talk about the traditional gel. This is my personal favorite, as it lasts and lasts on my nails, is extremely strong and hardy. This was used to help habitual nail biters stop biting! You can wear it as an overlay, over your natural nails to help strengthen and grow them, or, as an extension, to have instant long nails.

The down side of this traditional gel, is that it is non-porous, and that means that it cannot be soaked off, and can be removed only by filing. However, the benefit of traditional gel is that instead of filing off your entire enhancement, you can do a fill-in at the growth area and continue to have the enhancement so you do no harm to your natural nails.

Next, would be the soak-off gel, it is like the baby of the traditional gel, modified so that it is porous, soak-able, so that removal would be less of a hassle.

The pros of removing means cons of something else, in this case, porous materials on nails turn yellowish after a while. The acrylic soak-off gel and gel polishes risk this problem. Which is why I love traditional gel so much.

However, some may argue that using a gel top coat(non-porous) over acrylic, will prevent that problem, and before removal, just file off the top where the gel top coat is. That seems to be one of the solution for the above problem.

4. Acrylic

Acrylic is a powder and liquid mixture(monomer), that provides the highest amount of strength to your nails, even more than gel, allows the nail bed to be shaped to a nice C-curve, but, has the downside of giving off a pungent smell(from the liquid). The liquid is absorbed by a brush, dipped into a pot of powder, and it reacts right in front of your eyes, and starts to harden the moment they meet.

This is one of the hardest to master, but gives a wonderful end result.

It is used like gels, to protect your natural nails, or to have your nails extended.


What are the different types of services?

1. Classic Manicure/Pedicure

A classic manicure/pedicure is a full-fledged nail grooming service where your cuticles are cleaned up and you get your nails polished after getting a hand massage.

2. Express Manicure/Pedicure

An express manicure/pedicure is purely polishing, there is no tidying of the cuticles or removal of dead skin nor massage, just polishing.

3. Gel Manicure

A Gel Manicure usually consists of a classic dry manicure like similar to the classic manicure, the only difference being that gel polish is applied in place of normal polish.

4. Extensions

Extensions as the name suggests, is the lengthening of your nails with either artificial tips glued onto your nails or sculptured with gel or acrylic powder.

5. Overlays

Overlays is the application of gel or acrylic onto your natural nail to form a layer of protection/to give extra strength to weak nails.


Where are you currently situated?/Where can I get my nails done by you?

Updated April 2012

Felicious Nails has found a home and is now operating as a home-based salon at Block 546, Hougang Street 51.

I also take in house-call services whereby I bring the premium service to your home, you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas! Of course, for the house-call service, there would be additional surcharge.*

*kindly email to enquire


How do you charge for house-call services?

My new place in Hougang is my focus of the business, however, if you do need house-call services at your convenience, there is a $50 surcharge regardless of the area, and a minimum service expenditure of $200 ERP, late night and last minute charges apply and will be added to the total your bill if incurred.


Why do you charge extra for house-call services?

House-call services are a PREMIUM service. You stay in the comfort of your home, I bring the service to you. Anything in the world done at your convenience, to your doorstep comes at a special price.

The extra charge covers my effort to head to your place carrying all the equipments and also my transport costs.

If you do not want to pay extra, visit my nail salon at Hougang. =)


How do I make an appointment with you?

Step 1: Decide on what services you require.

Step 2: Decide on what nail art you desire.

Step 3: Check Service Menu for pricing outline.

Step 4: Choose a date and time.

Step 5: Email me at feliciousnails@gmail.com with subject header-

House-call service required/Appointment at Hougang(Delete where appropriate)

In this format:


HP No.:

Preferred time slot(refer to my updated slots available on my website):

Alternative time slot if preferred slot is taken:

Service required(delete where appropriate):

Gelish Manicure with Nail Art

Gelish Pedicure with Nail Art

Gelish Removal/Traditional gel file off/Acrylic removal/Gel removal

Akzentz Luxio Manicure with nail art

Akzentz Luxio Pedicure with nail art

Acrylic Extensions

Gel Extensions


Any other time slots?

You can ask me this on facebook or via email, you will get the same answer. My available dates and time slots are updated daily(as many times as required), hence what you see is what is available. Thank you! =)


Can you reserve this slot for me? I cannot do a transfer.

Unfortunately, no deposit means no confirmation, slots are first-received-first-served. I encountered many instances whereby people tell me they will transfer or gave some reason on why they can’t transfer and I wait for them and the slots are wasted because they didn’t keep their word. To be fair to you and everyone else, the deposit system keeps a record and makes everyone happy.


What do I need to prepare for house-call services?

A table with two chairs, of a height of a study/dining table. I will bring my own equipments. Kitchen towels/newspapers would be great so that all the dust and nail clippings can be easily disposed of by me. I will be bringing my extension cord for the LED lamp, however, I would need to be at a spot near a power point and would deeply appreciate if you notify me that you own extension cords so I don’t have to bring mine. That’s about all.


What else do I need to take note of?

Before you make any appointment, kindly read through my terms and conditions to prevent any unwanted misunderstandings.


Duration of Services?

Gelish manicure(single color): takes 45minutes-60 minutes

Akzentz manicure(single color): 60-90minutes

Extensions(clear): 150-180 minutes

Extensions(french): 180 minutes

Overlays: 60 Minutes

Gel polish removal: 20-30 minutes

Artificial nail removal(acrylic or gel): 60 minutes or less


Any discounts?

Promotions will be updated on my website under “On-going discounts/promotions” page above the name of my blog, if there isn’t any there, that means there are no current promotions.

Please do not embarrass yourself by asking for discounts, I believe my rates are reasonable, if you think otherwise I suggest you take a look around websites and salons to check out the market rate.

Discounts will be given as I deem fit.


I am sorry I will be late, please wait for me?

Being on time tells me you respect me, my time and the effort I put in to be on time. There is a 15 minutes grace period, however, if you pass the 30 minute mark on my clock based on your appointment time, your appointment will be automatically cancelled and deposit forfeited.

If I happen to have an over-run due to earlier slot customer’s delay, I will give you a reasonable amount of discount.


2 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. I’m am planning on purchasing a gel polish brand, which one would you recommend, I am in the United States, nuf oh Gelist or angel pro Gelly polish, I do alot of nail art. Is Gelist very opaque where you do no have to re-apply many coats for true color? I would appreciate your expertise. How is the durability, long wear.
    Thank You, Julie

    • Hi Julie! I’m not sure if you can get hold of AngelPro in the US as my friends in the US said they couldn’t get hold of the distributor. But if you were to compare both brands, I would say AngelPro is better for art, it is mostly opaque in two coats. Nfuoh has brilliant shimmer colors, I have a few pastels, they are easy to apply but not as opaque. 🙂 hope this helps.

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