On-going Discounts/Promotions

New customers are always welcomed!

To thank you for giving Felicious Nails a chance to serve you, every new customer $5 off your first visit with us!

Clients that followed us from Bukit Batok to Hougang will also be entitled to $5 off their first visit in Hougang! Yay! Thank you for staying with us!


You get rewarded every time you return:

For being an awesome supporter, you continue getting $5 off the next visit as long as your appointment is made on the same day as your nail appointment, and if the appointment is within the next 28 days(4 weeks) of your current appointment.


Referral program:

For every new customer referred by you, you get $5 credit to your account! They just have to quote your name and hp number.


Felicious Nails VIP:

For customers who return constantly every month for 12 months, you will be awarded Felicious Nails VIP Discount.

With the VIP Discount, You get: A: 10% off every visit, B: 20% off your birthday month, and the best part is, C: you still get $5 credit whenever you refer someone new and they quote your name and hp number. 😀 Felicious Nails VIP also gets priority bookings during festive seasons/busy periods.

Your VIP discount will follow you as long as you visit every month, it doesn’t expire unless you stop visiting!

It’s our way of saying “Thank you”, for your unwavering support.

Terms and conditions:

  1. $5 off first visit applies to new customers and first time visitors to Hougang salon only.
  2. $5 credit for referral cannot be converted into cash or used to buy products.
  3. Felicious Nails reserves the rights to change or remove any of the above discounts and promotions at any time.

2 thoughts on “On-going Discounts/Promotions”

  1. Hi dear! I have a photo of the nail art I desired and I’m planning for a girlish manicure with you! 🙂 please reply me do that I can send you the photo! I would like to gauge how much the entire manicure will cost 🙂

    Thank you!

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