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I was really happy to get another house-call from Sindy who lives near me.

She’s also one of my customers who set her eyes on the designs she wants and sticks to it.

She picked this design from Copythatcopycat here:


I love this design as it looks like tiaras with the peaks and dots on top of the traditional French.

Please pardon the imperfections-this set of gelish nail art is done on top of Sindy’s existing extensions done in a
salon. I’ve tried to blend the nails as much as possible(I managed to remove the lifted acrylic from the nails) but due to the time constrain I couldn’t perfect the blending. The base is Gelish Little Princesses and the tips are Gelish Sheek White to cover Sindy’s grown out extensions!

This is a set fit for any occasion and any age!